Measurements and square footage shown are APPROXIMATE. Changes sometimes occur during construction. Please see specific house for exact measurements and square footage. when photos are shown of another home, they are shown for illustration purposes only. Unless it is specfically stated in your agreement, an item may or may not be included or be built as shown. If you have a specific concern, please address prior to contract agreement. Seller reserves the right to change any fixtures, doors, windows, placement of walls, cabinets, counter tops, etc, at any time during construction. Placement of garage side is determined by builder only based on water/sewer lines, lot topo, and flow of street.

Verify all room sizes and square footage if a concern prior to agreement. Completion date shown is an estimate only, time could vary depending on weather, supply and sub contractor availability.  Tax amount shown is a new construction estimate. Please consult with your title company for a more accurate amount.

All information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. If any matters are of specific concern, it is up to the consumer to obtain independent advice or information.  Seller and/or agent will not be held liable.

We will not have anymore home available until approx. Sept/ Oct 2018.

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I-24 to Almaville Rd., go AWAY from Murfreesboro Rd., (past Legends Restaurant) to right on Morton Lane, to right on Jericho St. to new construction in back on left.

In order to be fair to all of our customers and preserve the value for existing and new constructions sales, new home prices are not negotiable.